About Us

Those who gained from society should give back to the society. Motivated by this, modest people from various Central Government Services started “BSNL, Postal & Information Technology Employees House Building Co-operative Society Ltd." with the objective of providing eminence abode at affordable cost.

The society was formed in 2014 under the Registration No. HSG-1/33/HHS.46476/2014-15 Dated 06/11/2014.

We are committed to provide premier residential layouts and villa plots with world class built in primary infrastructure in a central location with easy accessibility by rail, road and air.

We render value to your investment and create an international standard benchmark for quality living.

All the central government and Information Technology employees, their friends and relatives can avail the benefit of affordable residential sites and villa plots from our society.

Our motive is to achieve absolute customer satisfaction by delivering best of class service.

    Board of Directors

  1. C.P.Vijay Kumar (President)
  2. Directors

  3. G.N.Prakash
  4. M Manchaiah
  5. S Kumar
  6. D.Venkatesh
  7. Vijay Vitthalrao Bhosale
  8. K.R.Lakshminarayana
  9. B.S.Mani
  10. K.Muniyandi
  11. S.Narayan
  12. R.V.Vijayalakshmi
  13. D Megha